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Vaccination centre

Vaccination centers

Be prepared!

 Sustainable Covid-19 vaccination centers.

Vaccination centers

The large-scale vaccination campaign will start soon and we like to think proactively. How can we help the local authorities to provide their residents with the Covid-19 vaccine in a safe and efficient way?

UC Belgium, with more than 25 years of experience in the event sector, is thé company to start building vaccination centers in a very short period of time. Building large productions in the short term is business as usual for us.


How can we help:

  • 3D designs of vaccination centers to give you an idea of the actual centers

  • Arranging the spaces to organize them as efficiently as possible

  • Application of signages

  • Extra services:

    • Heating

    • lights

    • Sound

    • Furniture

    • Electricity

UC Belgium acts as your one-stop-shop who will arrange everything for you.

Vaccination centre
Vaccination centre
Vaccination centre
Vaccination centre

Mobile vaccination or testing center

We believe that a mobile vaccination center is the solution to have the inhabitants of smaller villages vaccinated easily and safely without having them to drive far to a nearby vaccination center. 


A mobile vaccination center is also a driving billboard and raises awareness for the vaccination campagne.

Vaccination centre

Wall System

UC Belgium uses the flexible exhibition wall system of BeMatrix, the Belgian manufacturer of the fastest buildable wall system in the world.


Sports and event halls can be converted into a vaccination center in a short period of time. The modular system makes it possible to find the most suitable solution and to find the optimal solution for every space.

We have already developed a case to demonstrate the flexibility.

Click here to download.


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