the enjoyneers

We are a  team of young and enthusiastic event enjoyneers!

Peter Veekmans

Jannick Warnier

Dominique Bellefroid

Maxime Doucet

Elwin Jorissen

Myriam Jamaers.jpg

Myriam Jamaers

Jole Bergen

Marc Vanwelkenhuyzen




BEA for 160 years of Katoen Natie

BEA for VRT's D-day

BEA for Jaga's The boost party

BEA for Jaga's Experience lab

BEA for Uchronia Burning Man 

BEA for 10 years De Rode Loper

BEA for Proximus' All Employ Meeting

BEA for The Event Brain

BEA for Nikon at the festivals

BEA for highest ROI

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