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From briefing to concept: First of all, we listen! With open mind & ears! We analyze your story to the bone. We discuss your briefing with our selected team of professional experts with their individual skills, which covers every aspect of the concept. Not just a concept, but a mindmoving proposal, tailored to your values and standards!

Creative stuff & more: And of course, we present our concept & visualize our ideas thanks to our in-house designers (we truly love them!). Experience the sneak preview of your event & get excited!

Happy customers

What we do

UC Belgium is a full service event and communication agency operating as a one-stop shop  for our customers. 

How we play the game: 

UC Belgium

Development & production: The finetuning of the sneak preview, leads to a mindmoving event.  

Logistics & Technical: Our largest warehouse, located in Limburg, gives us the possibility to quickly deliver throughout Belgium and Europe. From standard deliveries to customized technical installations, we've got it covered. 

Our skills

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